3D Applications

Interactive catalogs, 3D configurators, mobile games.

Configurator 3D

3D Configurators

We are specializing in developing of the advanced application called 3D Product Configurator. This software is dedicated for modern ways of marketing presentations. With our applications there aren’t any problems to show all, even small nuances, of the presented object – full circular view helps to achieve this. All available additional accessory also could be shown as well.

Besides this visual functions, there is possible to embed direct into application all necessary technical documentation, photos or even movies. Software could also makes instant quotations, according to implemented price algorithms and send them for needed email address.



During trade exhibitions, 3D product configurator could be a perfect solution for mass presentations. Firstly, as a native applications installed on iPads or other tablets – help to show every aspect of the product in modern way.

Presentation systems

Secondly, as a part of bigger presentation system, with POS stands and wide projectors.

We can not forget about Multilanguage function. There is no problem to change language in one click, straight from applications.

We are customizing 3D Product Configurator application accordingly to specific needs of the customer. Please send us information whats are yours needs.