3D Configurator

Powerful tool for sales allowing you to customize your product.

About 3D Configurators

T-Media develops mobile and standalone applications for product customizing. You can configure color, size and structure of your product using 3D Configurator. We use Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to extend functionality and make your application powerful.

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3d configurator
3d configurator demo
3DConfigurator demo

We would like to present 3D product configurator demo. As a first object for configuration we chose Victorian style radiator, straight from offer one of the biggest Polish radiators producer Terma. Our objective is to show in which way you can implement useful tool for self-product configuration. 3D configurator lets to create any set of features for change. This is not only the play of color and position view. Proper project of the application with accurate fitting of the features for product or products gives us tool ready for fastening activity of sale. Additionally, lets to show customers product before they buy.

Software advantages

Real view - show products sometimes difficult to present in real e.g. aircraft, yachts, trains.

Interactive catalogue in 3D

All available options, colors, accessory versions in one place.


One application for every market you are operating on.

Product 3D configurator

Rapid quotations

After 3D configuration, customer gets price offer with all necessary information.

Be global

Distributing 3D configurator to application stores extremely increase range of your activities.


Full technical documentation embedded into software.

Individual configuration

Your client can customize the product according to his requirements.

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