Touch-in applications

Touch-in applications

Touchscreen apps

We develop touch-in applications for a variety range of devices and for many different software environments. Present technology gives us more and more opportunities, so it is worthwhile to use them in every activities that increase the brand's visibility and strengthen its position. Touch-in application, properly designed and made, is a valuable tool, especially in the improvement of sales processes.

Touch-in applications, based on Unity3D or Unreal Engine technology will definitely be interesting additions during trade fairs, conferences or exhibitions. Used in conjunction with LTF wide format monitors, they effectively support every visual presentation. They allow you to quickly and easily, display graphics, movies, or 3D interactive presentations.

As a producer of touch-in applications, we specialize in programming unique, customized solutions. Our work start from a detailed analysis of the objectives and requirements for the software. This approach allows us to use the best possible solutions to create an effective application or program.

Touchscreen Apps

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